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Double End Detail Brush Poly Handle Dust Brush 4" Round Dust Brush
6" Round Dust Brush
Our Price: $5.50
.43 in. and .18 in. white nylon bristles staple set at each end of plastic handle. Great for cleaning and detailing the smallest areas. Overall length is 7 in. 60/case.
Our Poly Handle Dust Brush has soft bristles for quick removal of dust and debris Our Beige nylon bristles is set in tacked metal ferrule. Ideal brush for removal of dust and debris from hard to clean seams in auto dashboards, vents, radios and speakers. Its overall length is 8 in.
Horsehair Detail Brush Dual End Dust Vent Brush Red Handle Detail Brush-Short Bristle
Horsehair Detail Brush
Our Price: $5.99
6'' Dual End Vent Brush
Our Price: $5.99
This is a traditional wood handle toothbrush-style detail brush. Natural horse hair bristle. Ideal for getting into small, virtually inaccessible areas. 7 in. overall length. 12/case. Dual End Vent Brush. Soft nylon bristles on one end, stiff black bristles on the other. 6 in. overall length. Perfect for fine detailing work. Our red detail brush is 1/2" with 38.1 mm long.

Brass Bristle Tooth Brush Jumbo Dust Brush Dual End Wheel Brush
Jumbo Dust Brush
Our Price: $6.99
Dual End Wheel Brush
Our Price: $6.99
Use for tight spots or getting into small inaccessible areas. Excellent for wire rims. 1/2" brass bristles with easy finger-grip plastic block. Overall length 7".
The bristle pack set in tacked metal ferrule. Excelent for removal of dust and debris from hard to clean areas in auto dashboards, vents, radios and speakers. Overall length 6 in. Great to use for auto detailing jobs.
Unique dual end wheel brush for detailed cleaning of intricate factory and custom wheels. 12 in. overall length. 12/case.
XL Dust Vent Brush
XL Dust Vent Brush
Our Price: $6.99
Our XL Dust Vent Brush Is a soft nylon bristles with stiff black bristles.

Perfect for fine detailing work and hard to reach areas.